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$599.99 per unit
Coverage: up to 6500 sq ft Supports multiple users Dual Band–supports 800 & 1900MHz devices*

Wi-Ex, the leader in consumer cellular booster kits, now offers the high-gain YX560SL to provide increased in-building voice and data coverage and extensive reach into rural environments. The YX560SL supports multiple users and all devicesoperating on (CEL) 800MHz and (PCS) 1900MHz. The YX560SL, backed by a 2 year Manufacturer’s Warranty, ships complete and includes: zBoost Amplifier Base Unit with Wall Mounting Bracket, Base Unit Distribution Whip Antenna, AC power supply, 50ft of Coaxial RG6 Cable and high-gain Directional Signal Antenna with Mounting Hardware. Networks:  CDMA, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, EVDO, 1xRTT, UMTS, HSPA, 3G

MSRP $599.99 CDN

Shipping Ground in Canada extra Approx $30.00

$599.99 per unit
$549.00 per unit


SureCall’s EZ 4G is a revolutionary plug and play cell phone signal booster window unit that does

not require an outdoor antenna. The attractively designed EZ 4G incorporates

SureCall’s award-winning, patented all-carrier technology to deliver enhanced indoor

cell phone signal coverage for clearer and more reliable voice and data performance.


Features and Benefits:

• ideal for apartments, condominium, towers or basement apartments. 

• If you get one bar by the window you get 4 bars in the room.

• Prolongs battery life

• Reduces phone radiation due to improved signal

• Increased Data speed due to increase signal

• First all-carrier 3G and 4G LTE signal booster that doesn’t require the installation of a roof-top antenna

• Installation in as little as 15 minutes

• Typically covers 1-2 rooms with weak reception at window where unit is placed (coverage increases with stronger signal)

• Take with you when you move

• Supports multiple users simultaneously

$549.00 per unit
$450.00 per unit

The SureCall FlexPro is a cell phone signal booster designed for home and small office use. This booster produces enhanced voice and text signals where signal is weak due to distance from tower, topography or building materials. Fully configurable for all indoor environments, FlexPro signal booster ensures enhanced call clarity for 2-4 rooms
and simultaneous users.

The FlexPro SC-DualH/O-72-YRA-Kit includes a FlexPro signal booster, an outside Yagi antenna, an inside whip antenna, and 50’ of RG6 cable.
• Boosts indoor talk and text signals for inside a home or office
• Reduces dropped and missed calls
• Best for locations with marginal outside signal (1+ bars)
• Durable metal housing provides long-term reliability
• Extends battery life
• Stealth technology incorporated – transmit signal becomes dormant when not in use, providing green, power saving operation
• Backed by a 3 year warranty


MSRP  $499.00  Shipping included
$450.00 per unit
$449.99 per unit
65db Coverage: up to 3500 sq ft Supports multiple users Dual Band: supports 800 & 1900MHz devices*

This kit features a discrete outside Panel Antenna. This antenna has a broad beam width and is easy to install:  Pole Mounted on the Roof / Attic or even attached to the Outside Wall.

MSRP 449.99

Shipping Ground in Canada Extra $30.00 (Ground)


$449.99 per unit
$399.00 per unit
Coverage: up to 3000 sq ft Supports multiple users Dual Band – supports 800 & 1900MHz devices*

The zBoost SOHO cell phone booster extends a Cell Zone™ for multiple users and all devices operating on 800 and 1900 MHz frequency bands except those using Nextel/iDEN, 4G or 2100MHz. zBoost SOHO boosts signal up to 3000 square feet, making it perfect for your home or office.

The package includes everything you need zBoost amplifier base unit, base unit antenna, power supply, coaxial cable (RG59-mini), signal antenna and mounting hardware. The wide radio wave beam width directional antenna receives signals from multiple cell towers. MSRP  $399.00 CDN  Shipping Ground in Canada extra Approx $30.00
$399.00 per unit