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Car, Truck, Van or Boat

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Small Office, Home

 or Cottage

Cell Booster Cottage

Larger Home

3,000 Sq. feet

Cell Booster house 2000 sqft

Condominum or Apartment

SC-PolyEZ-DT-72-Kit Cell Booster ELE

Large Store 

Factory, Warehouse

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Rural Package

for long range signal boosting


 Your cell phone,stick or Hub CellPhone-mate.ca is the answer Increase your coverage 10X See the Survey page. If you want your area surveyed contact us.Serving Banacroft, Coe Hill, Maynooth, Barry's Bay, McArthurs Mills and Algonquin area.


Flex2Go Dual Band Cell Phone Booster

That long drive does not have to be that long.  Connect your family and friends with a cell phone booster from Surecall   I have been using this booster for 5 years.  It increases my connectivity to do business.  I can … Continue reading →

Flex2Go Dual-Band Mobile Booster

SureCall’s Flex2Go is a dual band booster that provides enhanced 2G and 3G voice and data reception. The Flex2Go is easy to install, so you will be ready to hit the road in a matter of minutes. The signal booster … Continue reading →

Dickey Lake Installation

I installed a Cell Booster at Dickey Lake.  Customer using Rogers and only got enough to text. 3 hours later on a conference call to his customer from the cottage office.  Customer happy and doing business at the cottage, a … Continue reading →

Mayo Lake, McArthurs Mills

  Installed a cell phone booster on Slater Lane, McArthurs Mills. From no service to 5 bars. Due the number of family members and visitors they can now all use their own cell phones to stay connected. … Continue reading →

McArthurs Mills get 4 bars

A family moved back to the Bancroft area.  They work from home and get poor cell phone reception only 1 bar in the home.  We installed a cell phone booster and now they get 4 to 5 bars. This is … Continue reading →

Wollaston Lake Installation

A email from a customer in Wollaston Lake.  He would get 1 bar at the end of the dock or on the roof virtually no service. He installed a cellphone booster.  Look at the cell phone from no service to … Continue reading →

Baptiste Lake DSL Internet

Upgrade your internet to Bell Canada's DSL using your phone line.  Do not put up with the slow and inconsistent speeds of Explornet. If your phone number starts with a 338 exchange you maybe eligible for a rural discount.  The … Continue reading →